3 Big Reasons Why You Are Hungry All The Time

hungry all the time

You are hungry all the time and have no idea why? This sensation can be caused by a lot of things you need to consider: hormones, emotional factors, stress, diet, hydration, fatigue and so on.

Let’s break down together three of the most common causes for chaotic eating:

You love fast food and sweets

Researchers have found that if you are a fast-food fan, you are prone to becoming addicted to this type of food, and your appetite increases with the amount of food ingested.

Excessively processed foods, sweet drinks, pastries or sweets can be tasty, but they won’t give you any energy at all, so you will soon feel hungry again.

Choose healthier options, like foods rich in fiber, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats (salmon, nuts, avocados) or weak protein, such as eggs, beans or grilled chicken.

You are stressed

Stress and hunger go hand in hand. If at first adrenaline is secreted in order to control hunger, too many worries will also make the cortisone level rise and you want to devour all you can find in the refrigerator.

Eventually, as the hormone level decreases, your appetite will return to normal.

You don’t get enough sleep

Researchers have found that the lack of sleep is closely related to you feeling hungry all the time. Thus, the less you sleep, the more hungry you will feel. Constantly!

As if this wasn’t enough, when you don’t get the required amount of sleep, your body will feel the need for more calories and carbohydrates, in order to compensate for the amount of energy generated by rest.

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