3 Effects Quitting Gym Has On Your Body

effects of quitting gym

Skipping a few workouts is not necessarily a real concern but when the break is big than a week, your fitness level will vary and your body will feel like you’re on the peak of quitting gym. In other words, you will start losing your physical condition.

This situation is more common than we think, as between 25 and 35% of adults give up gym after two or a maximum of five months. How quickly you get out of shape depends on multiple factors, though. Below you can find three of the biggest effects quitting gym has on your body.

Cardiovascular performance decreases after a week

It’s been two weeks since your last workout? In this case, your cardiovascular performance and muscle mass will start decreasing, alongside endurance. After three or four weeks since quitting gym, your heart rate will grow with 4-15 beats, while the blood volume drops with up to 20%.

You will lose your flexibility

After taking a break from training or totally quitting gym, your body will slowly return to its original state, flexibility being one of the first lost benefits. After a period, muscle fiber can suffer big loses, especially if you have a desk job or spend a lot of time sitting down.

The first signs might start appearing just after three days, while pronounced changes can occur in the next two weeks.

Strength and endurance are affected

Ever wondered what really happens to your muscles after quitting gym? Unless you’re using them at a similar level to the one you did when working out, muscles begin losing protein. Thanks to their quality of storing movements, those who get back to the gym after a break, can easily get back into shape. The duration varies from one individual to another, but it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

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