3 Habits to Quit if You Want to Lose Weight

bad habits to quit if you want to lose weight

Diets with juices, without carbs, Paleo, Dukan and so on…If you’re among those who are struggling to get rid of the extra pounds, you certainly know what we’re talking about. Always in search of miracle diets, people desperate to get rid of those extra kilos forget to consider some rules so simple, but very effecting.

Below you have a short list with three of the bad habits you must quit if you want to lose weight quickly, no matter the diet you’re following.

Get enough sleep, otherwise you’ll be tempted to eat all day!

You’re constantly sleepy, seeking for something, anything to get you out of drowsiness? Give up this habit! Instead, sleep at least seven hours per night, allowing your body to regenerate. Experts say that sleep disorders go hand in hand with those concerning nutrition, so stop spending that much time in front of the laptop of TV at night!

Don’t put fats up against the wall

Fat-free cheese, fat-free milk, fat-free yogurt….yeah, a lot of stuff is now ditching the fat. If they’re following a diet, most people’s shopping lists look like this. But we thought that you know that fats are healthy and have an essential role in any diet, helping us feel full and keep away hunger, between meals. Don’t forget about them completely, since they’re great for losing weight!

Easy on the alcohol!

We know, a glass of red wine or some cold beers enjoyed with your friends are always great, but be very careful with the quantity. They come with tons of liquid calories, which are burned increasingly slower, while the remainders are converted into fat. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t drink, but one glass of alcohol per day is more than enough if you want to lose weight, so try to stick to that.