3 reasons to stop drinking milk

reasons to stop drinking milk

Yes, we know, you were a bit surprised after reading this title. After all, milk has always been considered one of the most healthy and nutritious foods, so you can’t really see what’s the point in this article. It is rich in calcium, thus contributing to the development and strengthening of your bones, as well as reducing the risk of ostheoporosis, giving energy and enforcing your immune system. So, why should you stop drinking milk?

Well, the explanation is very simple. According to a several studies, over the past 50 years, milk’s composition changed so much that the miraculous food, full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria is nothing but a memory.

Below your can find three reasons which should convince you that you should stop consuming it!

Milk affects the skeletal system

Well, yes! Even if it’s known for doing exactly the opposite, due to being rich in calcium, it seems that things aren’t exactly like this. Yes, when it comes directly from the source, it contains a fairly large amount of calcium, but after it goes through the pasteurisation process, this amount is reduced considerably. In addition, the absorption of calcium from milk becomes quite difficult, as it needs vitamin D to fit in your organism.

It doesn’t protect the digestive system

Formerly, milk was considered a true blessing for the digestive system, as it contained beneficial bacteria, about which we know that it protects the stomach and intestine. However, the pasteurization process kills it completely, making it pretty hard to digest, which is a serious reason to stop drinking milk.

It contains traces of antibiotics and hormones

To produce as much milk as possible and not get sick, cows are administrated hormones and antibiotics in pretty big quantities. These substances, which attack the human intestine and weaken the immune system, can be found later in the milk produced by cows, which we all buy from supermarkets.

To sum up, you can stop drinking milk if you’re buying it solely from the supermarket! On the other side, if it’s directly from the source, it’s all good to go.