3 Reasons Why You’re Getting Hungry at Night

hungry at night

Do you often find yourself running into the refrigerator after you have brushed your teeth and already eaten in the evening?

If so, you probably say that you’re just craving for a little snack and it doesn’t matter at all, but actually, if this happens, it’s because of some very specific reasons! Below you can find three of the most common ones, which make you feel hungry at night.

Chaotic meals

It’s a must to eat a regular intervals daily! Keeping blood sugar constant throughout the day helps preventing appetite at latest hours.

Try to start your day with a healthy and satisfying breakfast and don’t be afraid to include a healthy snack between meals, in order to prevent the blood sugar level from dropping. Finally, enjoy a moderate dinner and consider a light snack about two hours before bed, but only if you feel the need.

Incorrect meals

Your meals don’t need to be somehow scheduled in order to avoid getting hungry at night. They also need to be well balanced and provide enough nutrient intake. Consuming an excessive amount of sugar or carbs, combined with a lack of healthy fiber, protein and fat during the day, can lead to irregular sugar levels, which leads to late night cravings.

Avoid simple carbs, such as sugar and white flour, which are quickly transformed into sugar. Instead, choose complex ones, such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Psychological causes and hormonal fluctuations

Certain hormones regulate sensations like hunger and thirst. For example, gherlin is the hormone that makes you feel hungry, while leptin tells you that you are sick.

Under certain physiological conditions, normal signals are distorted when the hormones are unbalanced, hence the cravings for sugar and fat. These conditions include stress or lack of sleep, resulting in you becoming hungry at night!