3 super foods for a flat stomach

how to get a flat stomach

If your abs are a bit stubborn and doesn’t want to get flat at all, you don’t need to end up fasting. On the contrary, a few simple changes to your diet, reducing late night craving and avoiding water retention can lead up to some amazing results!

Nothing complements a balanced diet better than movement, so you can always make some light exercises while enjoying these super foods that will help you get that flat stomach you always wanted!


Besides helping you get a flat stomach, it can become your new favorite breakfast! Oats are an excellent source of fiber and contain many antioxidants and, besides helping you keep blood glucose and cholesterol under control, a bowl of oatmeal in the morning will give you plenty of energy.  You will have a smaller tendency to have small snacks before lunch!

Oats contain soluble fiber, which was proven to reduce abdominal fat by 3.7% over a period of five years.


Asparagus contains a lot of vitamins which can do wonders for your abs, thanks to the big quantity of potassium, which maintains the balance of fluids in the body. It’s a great source of zinc, perfect for a cleaner skin.

Since it contains a lot of probiotics, asparagus helps supporting the good bacteria in the digestive system. It also contains fiber, great for a better digestion and with a very low calorie intake, so it’s definitely great if you want to achieve a flat stomach.

Hot pepper

You’re still in search for another super food that, perfect for getting a flat stomach? Hot pepper not only adds flavor and taste to your food, but it also stimulates the metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis, your body’s ability to burn fat.

The capsaicin it contains helps stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels and has great anti-inflammatory properties!