3 tips on how to reach the ideal silhouette

how to achieve the ideal silhouette

We know how hard it is to obtain the ideal silhouette and eventually maintain it. However, things can become much simpler if you keep in mind some easy tricks, helping you to avoid the most common mistakes.

In order to have the ideal body, it’s not enough to follow a diet and do more sport, since beyond these basic principles, you must also understand some specific techniques, recommended by nutritionists!

Stop thinking only at the kilos you want to drop

The number of kilograms is the first things you think about when you start dreaming about the ideal silhouette. However, this is not enough!

For example, two women who are 55kg can look difference, considering their own muscles, skin. Also, you can have cellulite even at 50kg and still not look like you want. Therefore, this is why you should think at how you want to look, not how much weight you want to lose. Also, it’s always better to start with the idea that you want to reduce the percentage of fat and gain more muscles!

Choose the correct diet

Do not try to achieve the ideal silhouette by starving yourself! Nutritionists say that the correct one should follow the 1/1/4 rule, meaning that you should consume daily 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of carbs, per kilogram of body weight. By this, your body will get the complete amount of nutrients. Also, don’t forget to drink water! The required amount is at least 30ml of water for every kilo you have.

Train correctly

If you’re into sports, you should start gradually. Intense efforts don’t always lead to the desired results, as studies have shown that you must avoid a high-effort session, lasting more than 50 minutes.

After this period, your body will produce a stress hormone, cortisol, slowing metabolism and even leading to obesity. Therefore, it’s better to divide your workout into two 30 minutes one and eat well with a few hours before exercising.