3 Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat

vegetables for burning belly fat

During summer, our body’s imperfections are becoming more and more obvious. Most people are aiming to obtain that beach body, which implies following a diet and lots of sport. Since the abs is the part most difficult to sculpt, it deserves special attention, that’s why we made a short list with 5 vegetables that burn belly fat.

Sweet potatoes

They are a real source of health! Being full of vitamin C, which has a surprising connection with losing belly fat, sweet potatoes are excellent for anybody who wants to look perfect for the summer.

It seems that high levels of cortisol hormone can lead to accumulation of fat in this area. When we’re stressed, our body enters a state of alert and functions which are not vital for survival, like digestion, are much slower. Here comes vitamin C, which can adjust the level of this hormone, after a stressful situation.

By adjusting this hormone, sweet potatoes can make digestion work properly and the fat in the abdominal area will begin to recede.

Chili Peppers

There are a lot of diets based on eating peppers, if you’re brave enough to try them. Rich in capsaicin, chili peppers can help you burn belly fat faster by stimulation the metabolism like no other vegetable does.

In addition, capsaicin relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. Some studies have shown that this substance also decreases insulin resistance, which means that diabetics could benefit from the consumption of chili peppers.


There are two main reasons why broccoli is indicated in eliminating belly fat. First of all, it’s a vegetable rich in fiber, but low in calories. A very small quantity is enough to ‘defeat’ hunger, stimulating digestion, as it has to ‘work’ in order to process fibers properly.

Secondly, cruciferous vegetables contain a substance that helps regulating estrogen hormone, whose imbalance most often results in weight gain.