4 fruits and vegetables suitable for the cold season

fresh fruits and vegetables

Even though during the winter there are less options whenever you think about fruits or vegetables, there are some alternatives able to give you all the necessary nutrients. Below you can find a short list with fruits and vegetables suitable for the cold season.

Root vegetables

Celery, parsnips, beets or turnips are known for the high concentration of vitamin, minerals and carotenoids. Moreover, they are excellent sources of fiber, folate and vitamins C, E and K. They can be consume in cream soups or salads.


Supermarkets are full of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons. And they better not be missing from your shopping baskets, alongside other vegetables suitable for the cold season. Consuming them is essential this time of the year, since they’re an essential source of vitamin C (which helps the immune system and keeps colds away), fiber (good for the digestive system and digestion) and vitamin A (very important for the good health of your skin).


Although not so popular in a lot of countries, fennel can be easily found in the vegetable aisle. It resembles celery and onion and it’s an important source of vitamin C, potassium (a mineral helping the proper functioning of the hear and brain), fiber and folate. You can cook it very easy by steaming it.

Sweet Potatoes

Grown in Asia, America or Russia, the sweet potato is a superfood and one of the vegetables suitable for the cold season thanks to the important amounts of beta carotene, alongside calcium, iron, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E. Important studies have shown that it can be a food that prevents diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Sweet potatoes can be cooked as cream soup, mashed or baked.

Do you know any other fruits or vegetables suitable for the cold season? Let us know about them in the comments section!