4 summer habits that are ruining your diet

bad summer habits

Planning to take a mini-vacation from healthy eating this summer? Whoa, not so fast. We now that these long days are perfect for more exercise, a lighter menu and maybe a few kilos less. However, most people are likely to gain weight during this period, due to some bad summer habits that can sabotage their diet.

Here’s how you can avoid them and maintain that hot summer body all season long:

1. Consuming too much liquid calories

This might be one of the worst summer habits. It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated during this season, but be very careful, as a lot of beverages are real caloric bombs. Protein shakes, smoothies, energy drinks, frappes with cream and sugar, ice tea or lemonade come bundled with hundreds of calories!

If you’re looking for a quick and relatively easy way to reduce the number of calories, rely on mineral water with different flavors or even tea, but without sugar.

2. Eating too much ice cream

We know you like it, but you should eat ice cream during the summer only if you can avoid turning this into a daily habit. Two scoop can have even 450 calories!

You don’t need to ignore ice cream totally, but limit your servings to 2-3 per week and to eat not more than one cup.

3. Eating only low fat foods

Moving on with our bad summer habits list, it should be mentioned that it’s not recommended to eat just as light as possible. Despite popular belief, the fat from specific foods is not the number one enemy of your silhouette. On the contrary, you need it to control your appetite and get your vitamin intake.

Stop checking percentages and opt for whole dairy, but keep your portions under control.

4. Summer barbecuing

Grilled meat is one of the healthiest ways to consume animal protein. However, grilling can be considered healthy only if you prepare healthy foods. One of the most ‘dangerous’ summer habits is opting for burgers, sausages and hot dogs, alongside a generous portion of fries, as you get to consume up to 2000 calories.

Limit the number of calories by opting for low-fat meats, such as chicken, lean beef or turkey.

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