5 foods that can help you quit smoking

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things, especially for those who have been smoking more than one package per day. People who want to quit this addiction need to completely change their eating habits sometimes, starting with quitting the morning coffee, which urges the need to smoke, to eating foods that will easily make you quit smoking.

Without much further ado, below you can find a short list with 5 foods that, combined with a bit of will, can help you quit smoking!

Whole grains – In stressful periods, smoking give you the impression that problems can be managed more easily. A stress trigger is the low level of glucose, therefore a diet that includes whole grains keeps your the sugar in your blood at a normal level, also keeping stress away.

Fresh fruit – After you quit smoking, it’s very important to replace this habit with fresh and healthy snacks. We’re talking about fruits that contain vitamin C, like pineapple, orange, grapefruit or kiwi. Your body will eliminate toxins faster and easier!

Milk – Researchers from the Duke University have shown that smokers who drank a glass of milk before lighting up a cigarette have easily shifted away, due to the bad taste the combination leave in the mouth.

Root vegetables – The same thing goes for root vegetables, like carrots, cucumbers or celery, alongside spinach. After a few slices, a cigarette’s taste become so bitter that you will be even more tempted to throw it away and, if you continue doing this, quit smoking.

Herbal teas – Certain herbal infusions can help you quit smoking easily. For example, ginger, rhubarb, licorice or ginseng root can regulate the endocrine function. Moreover, rattle tea can banish anxiety, add minerals and diminish the need for nicotine. Finally, plantain infusion can also be very helpful, freeing your airways.