5 foods that make you feel hungry

foods that make you feel hungry

If you’re trying to lose some weight, you should definitely avoid specific foods, since they don’t do anything but creating the desire to eat even more. Therefore, we’ve made a short list with 8 foods that make you feel hungry.

Salted snacks – They will definitely increase your appetite, since they are loaded with salt (28 grams of potato chips contain 170 milligrams of salt), which can dehydrate and trick your organism, making it require even more calories, when it fact it needs hydration.

Diet soda – Even though research on the impact of artificial sweeteners on weight revealed various results, some studies associate sugar substitutes with increased appetite. Diet soda is one of the foods that make you feel hungry, since it activates the brain’s taste and rewards system. You do get the taste from it, but no ‘reward’, so your body will still crave for something sweet.

Sushi – It will increase your appetite in two ways. Since it’s based on white rice (an ingredient which doesn’t contain any fiber) and soy sauce, which dehydrates, creating thirst (a sensation which leads to hunger). Another problem is that despite the small portions it comes in, sushi has plenty of calories, so we can consider one of the foods that make your feel hungry.

Cereal – They can be misleading, since many of them are real sugar bombs, especially if you don’t limit to the suggested serving quantity. Secondly, sweet cereal contain little fiber and they can increase the hunger sensation. Change those sweet ones with oatmeal, high in fiber and unsweetened. Add half a cup of fruit and peanut butter for extra protein and fiber.

Protein bars – Just like diet soda, they contain sugar substitutes that can increase your appetite, because your taste something sweet, but without benefiting from the actual ‘reward’. If you still want to consume them, pick one that has integral ingredients, like grains or almonds.