5 healthy eating habits that aren’t so healthy

healthy eating habits

More and more people claim that they want to improve their diet, so they’re developing these so-called healthy eating habits. But what if we told you that they aren’t as healthy as they seem, since a lot of the products they consume can actually do more harm than good.

Below you can find a list with some eating habits about which you should think twice before including them in your diet.

1. Fruit smoothies

Although this product contains a combination of fruits, it’s not necessarily healthy. In most cases, bottled smoothies contain a lot of sugar and a big number of calories. British researchers analyzed a bottle of 425 ml and it turned out to contain 57 grams of sugar, which is more than a half-liter bottle of Coca-Cola contains. Opt for home-made ones if you like them!

2. Cereal

Many people think that consuming cereal is one of the top healthy eating habits, securing a balanced breakfast. Still, most of the cereal you can buy today contain little protein and a lot of sugar and calories. If you can’t live without them, opt for whole grain cereal.

3. Sports drinks

We’re all convinced that we need drinks with a high sugar intake in order to help us recover after a few hours spend in the gym. In reality, experts say that water is way better than this sugary drinks.

4. Peanut butter

It’s a product that has become increasingly popular, consuming it being one of the most common healthy eating habits. However, things are a bit different, as peanut butter sandwiches are less healthy than the ones with hummus or lean meat, since it contains a lot of fat and calories.

5. Orange juice

Even though this beverage is a part of a lot of people’s breakfast menu, consuming it is actually one of the most common not so healthy eating habits. Squeezing oranges eliminates fiber content and thus, its properties are lost. A glass of orange juice does not provide the same feeling of saturation as an orange consumed entirely.