4 Healthy Foods Which Will Actually Get You Fat

rice cakes

You keep hearing about them every day. Yes, we’re talking about those so-called healthy foods, able to help you lose weight and so on. Well, what if we told you that a lot of these foods aren’t healthy at all? On the contrary, consuming them constantly will only get you fat!

Below you can find a short list with fourĀ of the ‘healthy’ foods which you should avoid consuming that much, if you don’t want to deal with some extra kilos…

Dried Fruits

Cup after cup, dried fruits contain way more calories than fresh ones, since they have been dehydrated and are much more concentrated. Fresh grapes, for example, contain just 60 calories per cup, while the same quantity of raisins has 460 calories!

Rice Cakes

These light snacks are fat-free and low in calories, but they lack fiber or protein ingredients, which are able to stop hunger. Yes, eating these will add a few calories, but you won’t feel full at all and will start craving for something else pretty fast. Far from being healthy foods, if you ask us…

Fresh Juices

Juice is basically sugar and calories. A bottle of orange or apple juice has 55 grams of carbohydrates, which is the equivalent of 5 slices of bread. And most of these carbohydrates are sugars. 12 teaspoons, to be more specific! Let this sink in for a bit.

Protein Bars

One typical bar has around 250 calories. Same as a protein one! These protein bars are actually normal bars, disguised by adding some vitamins (which would be much better if you get them out of fruits), but they aren’t healthy foods at all!

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