5 summer fruits that are great for your health

most healthy summer fruits

Summer has its perks and one of them is that we can enjoy a lot of seasonal, delicious fruits. The best part is that there are a lot of summer fruits which besides tasting amazing, have a lot of benefits for your health.

Consuming 2-3 servings daily is one of the best ways to improve your diet and make you feel amazing!


Juicy and flavorful, peaches can perfectly evoke a summer atmosphere. They are the tastiest in June and July, being great for warm days.

Just one peach is enough to cover your daily vitamin C requirement. Despite being three-quarters water, this luscious fruit contains not less than 10 vitamins, like C, E, K and 6 types of vitamin B.


Containing over 20 vitamins and minerals, mango has a multitude of health benefits, being one of the best summer fruits. Only a portion provides your daily dose of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, maintains healthy gums and teeth and helps stimulate collagen production.

Besides all these, mango is an excellent source of fiber, helping maintaining a low glucose level, perfect for inducing satiety.


Cherries are considered super fruits by many nutritionists, as they have some amazing properties: they are diuretics, fight against cancer, anti-inflammatory and help you regain your energy.

They contain a high amount of potassium, vitamin C and are very rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from the negative actions of free radicals.


There’s no doubt that is one of the most delicious summer fruits, but it also has great benefits for your body, like hydration.

Besides being good to quench thirst, melon has a special place in a lot of diets, as a portion has just 50 calories! Beat this, chocolate!


Although they are available throughout the year, the best strawberries can be found during summer. One serving has more vitamin C than an orange, while 150 grams contains only 50 calories.

Strawberries are rich in vitamins – C, E, B1, B2, B6, K, PP – and have in their composition folic acid, calcium, magnesium and fiber, which helps digestion.

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