5 Types of Fish You Should Never Eat

farmed salmon types of fish you should avoid

Nutritionists all over the world recommend fish as a food that can give you insane amounts of energy, but the truth is this is not generally correct, as some types of fish are actually a toxic nightmare, which can create a lot of health problems.

In order to know exactly which ones you should avoid at all costs, we’ve made a short list with five types of fish that aren’t recommended!


Did you know that, in some way or another, eating tilapia is worse than eating bacon? This fish has very low levels of Omega 3 and almost nonexistent levels of Omega 6. Because it’s a type of fish very low in fatty acids, this makes it a real hazard for people suffering from heart diseases, asthma or other autoimmune diseases.


Yes, some people really like it! Since it’s highly appreciated, especially in sushi, in some parts of the world, this fish has long since vanished. However, it should be known that the eel is an important factor and an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to the natural filtration of water.

Also, it can absorb and retain some hazardous substances, so in some states in the U.S. they are so toxic that it’s highly recommended for an adult to avoid eating more than one serving of its meat per year!

Farmed salmon

Americans consume a large amount of salmon per year and it seems that this trend reached a lot of countries as well. Since the demand is becoming bigger and bigger, supermarkets end up buying farmed salmon.

Basically, the fish are exposed to pesticides, bacteria, parasites and feces, not to mention that the level of Omega 3 is very low, while the dioxin levels are higher than they should. This is one of the types of fish you should avoid, since it can weaken the immune system, affecting the organs and causing cancer.