6 Fake Myths about Pizza

6 fake myths about pizza

Pizza is and will probably remain one of the most popular meals around the world. Delicious, affordable and easy to prepare even at home, it is certainly a delight that we can hardly abstain from , especially when on  diet.

Still, besides that fact that it tastes very good and it’s bad for losing weight, what do we actually know about it? Here are 6 fake myths about pizza and the truths behind them.

Myth: Italians are solely responsible for the “discovery” of this delight

Even though it has its roots in Naples, Italy, the Greeks, known for their abilities to make dishes very similar to pizza, such as Focaccia, should be credited for being the precursors of modern pizza.

Myth: You can always count on pizza as a cheap food

This is one of the fake myths about pizza that can be busted easily. Although most kinds of pizza are available for cheap, you should know that there is a kind of caviar and lobster pizza that can reach the price of $1000.

Myth: Most people prefer simple pizza, just with dough and mozzarella

According to a survey conducted in 2013, people don’t stop just to these two basic ingredients, as they have already began consuming more sophisticated pizza types, with a lot of ingredients.

Myth: Pepperoni is one of Italy’s greatest contributions when it comes to pizza

Pepperoni, which, according to the latest studies, is the most famous ingredient, is an Italian-American creation. In Italian, the word “peperoni” means “pepper”, so this is one of the many fake myths about pizza.

Myth: Pizza “Hawaii” was invented by a Hawaiian

Unfortunately, this completes the list with fake myths about pizza, since the inventor of this type was neither more nor less than a Canadian. Well, at least we know that they like pineapple very much, right?