7 Best Weight Loss Apps To Help Lose Weight

7 Best Weight Loss Apps
7 Best Weight Loss Apps

7 Best Weight Loss Apps To Help Lose Weight

When it comes to healthy living, these 7 best weight loss apps will give enough help and make it easy for you to eat well, get the required exercise, learn what you should eat and you can use them with your smartphone easily.

1 – My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a comfortable calorie counter that allows you to record everything you eat. It has a database that includes more than three million different foods and scan barcodes to further facilitate the task and displays calories consumed by type of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. To keep you motivated, you have the ability to connect your profile with your friends to encourage you mutually.

2 – BMI Calculator

To start losing weight healthy, you must first know your ideal weight to set realistic goals. With BMI Calculator for Android, you will know your Body Mass Index in an easy way, and other rates and percentages to help you determine your health. It is also recommended by the top program venus factor. This is one our favourite of our 7 best weight loss apps list.

3 – Runtastic

Your weight loss plan should necessarily include some exercise. Running or walking are the most effective, and Runtastic application allow you to control all the details of your activity. Take your Smartphone with you and this GPS lets you know the distance you have covered, the time you have spent, and the calories you’ve burned. It is available for Android and iOS for free, although you have a ‘pro’ version with additional features.

7 Best Weight Loss Apps
7 Best Weight Loss Apps

4 – Gympact

Are you one of those who always make excuses for not exercising? Gympact is an app that rewards you if you are dutiful and punishes you if you are lazy. Firstly, you set a target e.g. jogging three times a week. If you qualify, you will be rewarded with a small amount of money. If not, it is you who should pay that amount. It is available for iOS and Android for free.

5 – Noom Weight Loss

Noom Weight Loss is one of the most effective weight loss apps. It not only allows you to count calories, but also helps you exercise and proposes challenges to keep you motivated. It has integrated GPS to record your physical activity and provides you with a community of users with whom you can share ideas. With its useful graphics, you will quickly see your progress over time. It is available for both, Android and iOS.

6 – Adidas miCoach

Adidas miCoach turns yourSmartphone into a real personal trainer that monitors your daily exercise.It hasGPSandvoicetraining systemto recordyour runsbutalsoyourstrength training and theapp provides you witha completeplanwith more than 400exercises for strength andflexibility and it is available foriOSandAndroid.

7 – Weight Loss Recipes

One of the hardest parts when it comes to taking care of food is not falling into a rut. To avoid it, the ‘Weight Loss Recipes’ lets you view hundreds of healthy culinary ideas reviewed by nutritionists. It is available for iOS and is free. A great article we covered tells you why you should hire a personal fitness trainer.

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