Are French Fries that Bad for your Diet?

french fries

We all love a portion of French fries from time to time, but what happens when we actually eat too many of them? What effects do they have on our health? Is it ok to completely eliminate them from our diets?

Exaggerating can have some ugly consequences

Although the link between French fries consumption and obesity or heart diseases is well known, a recently published study binds the consumption and the risk of death!

Specifically, the study found that people who consumed fries more than twice a week had developed more chances of premature death than those who consumed them less.

The report included 4400 people, aged 45 to 79, enrolled in a program that tried to find ways to prevent and treat knee osteoarthritis. Researchers studied them for 8 years and asked about their diet, including the amount of consumed French fries.

This doesn’t mean that you should eat huge quantities! 

Fried foods are rich in fat, calories and often salt, while another concern is based on acrylamide, a chemical that is formed in foods cooked at high temperatures and it was proven to be the cause of cancer in animal studies.

When food is cooked at high heat, an amino acid – asparagine – reacts with sugars and produces acrylamide. This chemical is particularly common in potatoes, which are rich in sugars, such as fructose and glucose.

In conclusion, it can be said that consuming French fries – as well as other sorts of fried foods – isn’t recommended at all, but if you find a little pleasure in an occasional portion, don’t rush to eliminate them completely from your diet!