Avoid gaining weight this summer – 5 tips you should follow

avoid gaining weight this summer

Summer is an ideal time. We have fruits and vegetables in abundance, while combining them can results in the tastiest salads. Fry the vegetables, add herbs, olive oil, yogurt, thyme, chili peppers and garlic, so you can enjoy their excellent taste. Still, even this can affect your silhouette. And you want to avoid gaining weight, right?

Below you can find a short list with 5 essential tips you should follow this summer in order to avoid gaining weight and stay in shape.

1. Drink water

Proper hydration is an effective way to help you keep your silhouette. In order to benefit from the consumption of liquids, like water, low-calorie juice, soups, fruits and vegetables rich in water, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

2. Drink juices without added sugar

Simple add fruits to the water you’re drinking, in order to enjoy their flavor. Put lemon, grapefruit juice, an orange slice, red fruits and ice. The will now have a really pleasant taste, maintaining its low-calorie state.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

No matter if you’re on holiday, don’t forget that in order to avoid gaining weight and even to lose some, you need to eat in the morning. Remember that people who eat breakfast regularly have the tendency to be leaner than those who skip it.

4. Make a passion for healthy and cold recipes!

It’s ideal to reduce the number of calories you’re consuming, so each time you’re going at a restaurant, for example, explore the menu and choose wisely, so you won’t ‘feel guilty’ right after. Salads, light appetizers with cheese or fish are great choices for a summer meal.

5. Try herb extracts

These are great solutions if you want to avoid gaining weight, as they don’t have sugar or a lot of calories. For example, some excellent choices are mint, anise or basil, as they’re great even added in fresh fruit cocktails!