These are the Benefits of Sanpincha Tea

sanpincha tea

The most famous tea on the island of Okinawa, the island with the most centenarians in the world, is a very interesting mix of green tea and jasmine flowers, also known as Sanpincha tea.

The closest equivalent in the West is actually jasmine tea, usually coming from China, but Sanpincha tea is the real magic tea, since, according to a study conducted by Hiroko Sho, at the University of Okinawa, revealed that it can seriously lower cholesterol!

Three cups a day can do wonders!

Just because the inhabitants have understood that the benefits of this tea are huge, they started drinking three cups a day. And if they don’t have enough time to prepare it at home, there are a lot of vending machines of the streets!

Thanks to the green tea it contains, it has a lot of antioxidants, being able to lower blood sugar, regulates blood flow, protects against flu, due to the vitamin C it contains, strengthens bones, due to the high fluorine content, protects against solar radiation and, finally, has depurative and diuretic effects!

It takes care of your heart

Sanpincha tea also comes with the benefits of jasmine tea, like reducing the risk of heart attack, strengthens the immune system, helps reduce stress and reduces cholesterol.

Even in the West it can be a bit difficult to find this specific blend of tea, you can also of for a high quality green tea and eventually mix it with jasmine tea!