These Foods Can Help You Have A Great Sex Life

foods for a better sex life

Surprisingly or not, the food we consume can have a big impact on our sex life. Several nutritionists believe than women can keep their sexual organs healthy as long as they consider a few foods for their diets.

Yes, it may seem odd, but food affects women’s sexual life more than men’s, but the great news is that several researches have been made and we know what are those foods we can consume, in order to have that great sex life everybody wants!

Which are these ‘miraculous’ foods?

Eat as much yogurt as possible, as well as garlic, tomatoes and green tea. “The nutrients we ingest from food affect the health of the vagina and how it works. Maintaining a proper pH level is very important. Eating properly keeps you well lubricated and increases libido, even good mood. All of this is closely related,” nutritionists say.

Even more, our menu should contain colored fruits and vegetables, in order to have a great sex life. Basically, we need to make sure we get a good intake of vitamin A, E and C. Vitamin A can be taken from sweet potatoes, carrots and any other types of orange fruits. They help you move well, which is essential for a quality sex life.

Get rid of that bad mood!

Let’s start with tomatoes, who are very useful for gentlemen with erectile problems, thanks to the lycopene it contains. Also, cauliflower is very good for fighting mood swings. And we all know that women are quite emotional, so this type of help is more than welcome!