3 Foods For a Better Digestion

foods for a better digestion
foods for a better digestion

Many foods fat, sweet or salty foods can lead to gaining weight,but others however have the opposite effect and taste very good.

A good digestion is the secret for a slim silhouette. If you do not get rid of bloating and constipation, it’s in vain to reduce your food ratios and follow any random diet, because, first of all, you need to consume foods for a better digestion, full of fiber, in order to speed up your metabolism.

We’ve picked three of them and if you consider introducing them in your daily menu, the effects will soon occur.

Dried prunes – Besides being one of the best foods for a better digestion, they also have the advantage of being easy to find throughout the year. If you have a slow digestion, a few fruits eaten daily will have the effect of a laxative. When you’re out of time, just eat a few of them on an empty stomach, but you mustn’t forget about drinking at least a glass of water as soon as you’ve swollen them.

Nut bar – The usual cereal bars you find at the supermarket are often far from being a healthy option, since they’re full of sugar. Whether you op for an assortment that has just natural ingredients, like integral cereal, prunes, nuts or even walnuts, with no added sugar, or prepare it all by yourself, these bars are one of the best foods for a better digestion.

Integral biscuits – When you’re very hungry and you want a healthy snack, 3-4 wholemeal biscuits are able to deliver a generous amount of fiber content. Not to mention that if they have dried fruit in their composition, they’re way more tastier. It’s true, you do collect around 200 calories, but they’re one of the best foods for a better digestion, and for two hours, you won’t be hungry anymore.