4 type of foods that make you feel hungry all day long

foods that make you feel hungry

Are you hungry? Then what are you waiting for? Grab a bite! However, if you’re still hungry after just leaving the tablet, you’re dealing with a very common issue. If you opt for a snack, especially before a main meal, it is very possible that the foods you’re consuming will increase your appetite instead of diminishing it.

Here are some foods that make you feel hungry all day long, even though you’re feeling full after consuming them:

1. Chips, bread or biscuits

Potato chips and bread or biscuits fall into the category of processed carbohydrates. When consumed, they increase the level of glucose in the blood, making your body create a bigger amount of insulin. Eventually, this will generate a more intense hunger feeling.

2. Cakes and sweets

Sugar, in various forms, generates a greater appetite than any other energy sources, according to the researchers from the Yale University. Basically, your brain tells the body that your’re not full, so you need to consume even more food in order to ‘calm down’ this feeling.

3. Low-fat yogurt

Several studies have shown that certain types of yogurt aren’t that good as they seem. To be more specific, low-fat yogurt is one of the foods that make you feel hungry all day long. The explanation is that they contain more sugar or processed carbohydrates than regular yogurt, generating the above-mentioned effects.

4. Sugar-free juices or snacks with artificial sweeteners

A recent study conducted by a team from Australia has found that when artificial sweeteners get in contact with the tongue, the receptors will transmit to the brain the idea that the body will receive a large amount of energy (calories) shortly. And because these calories do not arrive, the brain tries to create a balance, causing you to eat more food, in order to compensate.

Do you know any other foods that make you feel hungry all day long? Tell us your experiences, in the comments section below.