For how long should you follow a diet?

the length of a diet

If this question is the one that bothers you lately, we have one word: consistency. This seems to be the secret if you want to maintain the results if you don’t want to follow a diet anymore.

According to a few studies, a diet should be kept for at least an year, in order for the body to produce changes and avoid immediately regaining the lost weight. If you want to make sure that you maintain your weight for a longer period, that is.

Your body will immediately react to the new regime

When you’re following a diet, your body reacts by releasing several hormones that give the feeling of hunger, while white cells store, in the form of fat, more calories than before.

After a strict dieting period, the body starts producing less gherlin (the hormone that induces hunger) and more GLP-1, the one that cuts the appetite. Over the time, the human body was evolved and it’s able to resists weight loss and deal with prolonged periods with no access to food. However, since food is always at our disposal, this mechanism doesn’t work in our favor.

Our mechanism of survival is the only one to blame for the fact that we cannot lose weight as fast as we want, even when following a stricter diet. Basically, you can’t fool it just for a short period of time, that’s why after a few months or a whole year the body is ready to adapt to the new weight.

Each body is different, hence the various results

Still, many people fail to lose extra weight, even after using various diets, as in their cases, hunger is more pronounced during the regime, so cells transform most of the calories in fat.

What are your thoughts on this? For how long did you followed a diet in order to see the desired results? Tell us in the comments section below!


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