Healthiest Protein Powder

Healthiest Protein Powder

There has been a long running debate about the healthiest protein powder on the market, and although it might be difficult to come to a firm conclusion, it’s a fact that not all protein powders are made equal. There are several philosophies about what makes some better than others and we’ve detailed a number of them below.

Protein Powder with added Vitamins

Consuming enough vitamins is essential to overall health and it may be necessary to supplement them if you’re embarking on a regular fitness regime. It therefore stands to reason that protein powder products with added vitamins are healthier than bog standard whey protein on its own. One of the main benefits is that it’s simply easier than buying a separate multi-vitamin pack. Be sure to look for high quality brands with “whole food” derived vitamins.

RAW and Grass Fed

Like milk, raw protein powder derived from grass fed cows is healthier to consume and easier to digest. It contains more of the good bacteria and fats needed by the body, and is higher in anti-oxidants, amino acids and nutrients, especially when “cold-pressed.” You can also have the piece of mind that nothing artificial has been added or passed down from the cow.

Hemp and Plant Protein

If you want a clean and healthy protein powder that is naturally nutrient dense, then you may want to skip whey altogether and buy a hemp and plant based blend. Hemp is one of the few non animal derived proteins that has all 21 known amino acids, meaning those of you hitting the weights will have everything you need to replenish those muscles. You may want to add some of your own ingredients to improve the taste, or source a naturally flavoured brand.

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