Which are the healthiest types of salt?


Excessive salt consumption is not recommended, but totally removing it from your daily diet is not a solution. Sodium, chlorine and iodine in table salt are necessary substances for maintaining a regular electrolyte balance and the normal functioning of your body.

According to the recommendations made by the World Health Organization, an adult who doesn’t have serious health issues needs around 6 grams of salt per day, a figure also supported by the American Association of Cardiologists.

Currently, there are certain types of salt that people consume, considered to be the healthiest.

Sea salt – Achieved by evaporation of salty sea water, this is one of the most popular and healthiest types of salt. It is natural and contains ions that help maintaining a good hormone balance, alongside improving chemical reactions in your body.

sea salt

Furthermore, sea salt contains minerals like sodium, potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium and zinc, the basic elements for a good health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Himalayan salt – The pink crystal comes from the Himalayas and it was formed almost 200 million years ago, from layers of crystalized sea salt, covered by lava.

himalayan pink salt

The main reason why Himalayan salt┬áis considered one of the healthiest types of salt is because it’s untouched by pollution. Beyond the substances it contains, its structure stores hydroelectric energy , great for increasing yield.

Potassium chloride salt – Definitely not one of the most common types of salt, this is an alternative for people with hypertension, who need a low-salt diet.

Potassium chloride salt

Potassium is very necessary to the body, since it’s involved in regulating blood pressure. Besides this, it also contributes to the good functioning of the muscular system.

Have you tried any other types of salt? If so, please tell us about them and their benefits, using the comments section below, in order to include them in a future article.