How to lose weight after 40-years old

lose weight after 40

After reaching 40 years, the extra kilos are deposited much easier and losing weight gets harder and harder. The causes are various: you move less, you eat more fats, especially when you eat late, while the hormones don’t make it easier for you to drop some weight, since they’re help the accumulation of fat in the body.

However, there are some secrets that can help you keep your weight under control and get rid of the extra kilos! Below you can find some of them…

Never skip breakfast!

Nutritionists recommend everybody over the age of 40 to start their day with a breakfast consisting of whole grains, oats, fruits and protein quality, such as boiled eggs, for example. Such foods shun the temptation to grab some quick snaps until lunch, which usually leads to weight accumulation.

Don’t eat in front of your computer!

Multitasking has become a real trend among those who have an office job and this seems to contribute to the number of kilos they gain. When you have so much to do, you tend to give up your lunch break and grab something in front of your PC, hungrily and without being careful what you’re actually eating. And yeah, this isn’t healthy at all!

Give up sweet, carbonated drinks!

It may seem a good idea to drink a soda, full of sugar, during the day, when your energy levels are close to low, but you’d better drop this idea. Such drinks affect your blood sugar level, not to mention how much they increase your appetite!

Sleep well!

Usually, at this age, the first health problems tend to appear, so you might tend to sleep less, tormented by the thought you’re getting older. However, you should remember that insufficient rest also leads to weight accumulation, so you should do your best in order to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.