How to Lose Weight with Coffee

lose weight with coffee

Without the usual morning coffee, a lot of people don’t find the power to start the day. Still, you shouldn’t drink it just in the morning, as you can even lose weight with coffee!

Zero calories, tons of energy

As you probably know, coffee has zero calories, just like water. Unless you add anything to it, of course. However, its effect on the body is amazing, being a very strong incentive, from many points of view.

In order to start this diet and lose weight with coffee, you should start drinking more cups – like 4 or 5 – daily, after every meal and before you take a bath or go to the gym.

Rules to follow: 

If you’re starting this diet, here are a few aspects you should consider:

  • Coffee should always be simple, without any sugar or other additives. Also, try consuming it warm or even hot.
  • Don’t drink more than a cup every 3-4 hours, since this is for how long the effect of one cup lasts.
  • Choose roasted beans, not fried. Coffee contains a polyphenol called chlorogenic acid, with beneficial effects on the body, and, unfortunately, it’s a substance that doesn’t withstand high temperatures.

How does the coffee diet work

Every time you drink coffee, the caffeine in it helps the body to burn fat, by increasing the metabolism. Even though it was considered unhealthy for a while, modern studies have shown that it actually has anti-cancer effects and it’s also great for the body, if consumed in moderate amounts.

However, you should know that it can also be used for lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the good one, meaning that it’s beneficial for the heart, as long as you don’t do excesses.

It’s very important to know exactly how to drink and not exceed the recommended dose, especially if you’re pregnant or have chronic health problems. Always consult your doctor before starting this diet!