How to raise your energy level

raise your energy level

Do you something feel like your batteries are empty? In the morning, your energy level might be high, but until lunch, you already feel like you can’t do anything?

Fatigue affects all of us over the day. If you have already consulted a doctor and it’s not a symptom of other problems, here are some tips that can help you raise your energy level.

Take it easy

If you are an ambitious person, perhaps you tend to agglomerate your schedule with many activities, and all these in a short time. If you do this, the risk of exhaustion is big. It is advisable to divide your tasks and activities for each period of the day and avoid doing as much as possible in 2-3 hours. This can be a great start if you’re trying to raise your energy level.

Take a walk or nap

When you’re exhausted, a short 20-30 minute nap gives you a consistent dose of energy. If you have trouble sleeping at night, it might be better to opt for a walk if you want to energize yourself. Whenever you feel tired, stand up from your desk and take a short walk.

Don’t use supplements to counteract fatigue

Iron supplements raise your energy level only if you have a deficiency. Otherwise, it’s not necessary to administer iron. Moreover, excess iron can interfere with cellular activity, becoming toxic.

Never take vitamins from group B (B1, B2, B6, B12) at random. Yes, it’s true, vitamin B is responsible for energy production, but in excess, it can have serious side effects.

Choose snacks carefully

A pastry product has more calories, but your body consumes them quickly and then it causes fatigue and drowsiness. The best sugars are complex carbohydrates that regulate appetite, prevent fat formation and raise your energy level.

Next time when you’re craving for something sweet, unrefined carbohydrates are the best solution. Also, opt for yogurt, nuts and raisins and never skip meals, since your body needs a certain number of calories daily.