How You Can Lose Weight By Still Having Dessert

dark chocolate dessert

The secret of losing weight correctly (and on a long term) lies in moderation. We should know when we no longer need food and stop before we get enough. Also, despite what others say, dessert is actually a good thing, if eaten in small quantities. Basically, you can eat your favorite cake even if you’re on a diet, as long as you don’t do it that often.

Ok, but how often should we calm that sweet tooth?

If you follow a strict diet, it’s highly recommended to limit the times you consume sweets to once or twice per week. According to nutritionists, this number should be set considering the process you want to make!

However, there’s an exception: dark chocolate. A study concluded that regular consumption of a few squares per day is great for lowering blood pressure, acting as an anti-inflammatory, but also strengthening the immune system.

Is dessert actually good for your health?

Yes, because it can help you lose weight. It seems that satiety appears faster for people who eat dessert if they are aware of the quantity they consume and how much they enjoy it. Also, it can help diets become pleasant!

When rules and restrictions appear in a diet, the person following it will feel constrained and will even want to break the nutrition rules. Instead, by eating something sweet from time to time, you will focus more on portions and be able to control yourself better.

Keeping it short, having in mind that you have eaten your favorite cake, you will be more eager to get to the gym, in order to burn some extra calories!