Instant soup – Why you should avoid it

instant soup dangers

No one can blame you that instead of spending even a few hours to cook a complicated dish, you prefer a quick instant soup. It’s ready in minutes and the taste it doesn’t taste that bad either.

We know, instant soup might look very friendly in your bowl, but you can’t imagine what dangers you expose yourself to when consuming it. Therefore, let’s talk about the risks of instant soup and why you should avoid it at all costs.

It’s more dangerous than you imagine!

According to nutritionists, it increases the risk of developing several diseases. Since it contains tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), a preservative chemical, instant soup can cause heart problems. In addition, an experiment conducted by the Faculty of Public Health at Harvard has shown that people who consume it often can often deal with the metabolic syndrome, a disorder defined by obesity, hypertension or steatosis.

Moving on, other problems you are exposed to if you consume instant soup often are kidney disease, stroke, osteoporosis, or even stomach cancer. Your physical appearance might also suffer, given the fact that the product contains a lot of salt and it’s rich in calories.

Stop buying it. Now! 

Although each person reacts differently to this type of product, it’s highly advised that you should try to remove it from your diet as soon as possible. In June 2012, the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), has found a carcinogenic substance, benzipiren, in the composition of six brands of instant soup.

Experts have already warned producers to remove these products from the market, but it seems that such measures won’t be taken in the near future. However, we, as consumers, can actually do something in this direction, by avoiding to buy instant soup. As long as there’s no demand for it, there won’t be an offer either.