The milk and banana diet – How to lose weight quickly

milk and banana diet

If you are looking for a fast diet that can help you lose a couple of kilos before an important event in your life, you should definitely try the milk and banana diet.

According to its inventors, besides rapid weight loss, you will feel much better and your potential digestion problems will be gone.

An old and efficient diet, still popular nowadays

The milk and banana diet was invented with more than 80 years ago by Dr. George Harrop, but over the time, its plan was modified, while the principles remained the same: eat fewer calories, lose weight and feel healthier.

The most popular version of the diet consists in eating 2-3 bananas and drinking a glass of skim milk daily, for 3-4 days. The only conditions is to avoid consuming 1000 calories per day.

For example, if you chose to eat six bananas and drink three glasses of milk, you get 900 calories, so there’s no room for anything else. Therefore, stick to 2-3 bananas and a glass of milk per day, while the rest of your daily menu can consists of salads, vegetables and lean meat (fish, chicken, turkey).

The pros and cons of the milk and banana diet shouldn’t be ignored

Besides helping you to lose weight, the milk and banana diet has a couple of advantages. Bananas are excellent potassium sources and help eliminating toxins from your body. As for the skim milk, it provides important quantities or calcium and protein.

On the other side, we can’t ignore the disadvantages. After three or four days of the milk and banana diet you will consume less calories than you’re used to, so there’s a possibility of feeling weak and have a reduced¬†focus.

Although bananas and milk are healthy foods, avoid keeping this diet on a long terms, since it doesn’t meet the recommended daily caloric intake.