The biggest diet mistake most people do

big diet mistake

If you plan to lose weight you probably know that a diet rich in vegetables is one of the best choices you can make. Still, there are some errors you can commit and endanger the whole diet. There’s one big diet mistake a lot of people do, ending up with weighing even more instead of becoming slimmer.

Nutritionist Leslie Langevin has revealed that the biggest diet mistake you can make in a diet is giving up too much food at once. Some people feel they have to five up all the ‘bad’ foods when starting a diet, like bread, carbohydrates, sweets, alcohol, meat and diary products.

The results will come, but…

Although a true reset of your diet, which involves removing processed foods without nutrients in favor of fresh foods, alongside limiting to protein shakes and eliminating carbohydrates, has indisputable benefits, you won’t be able to enjoy a long term success.

Of course, most people will lose weight, but this type of diet is almost impossible and dangerous, sustained for a longer period of time. When you will eventually return to a more permissive diet, which can include sweets, wine or pasta occasionally, there is a big chance for you to gain weight and feel overwhelmed by cravings for unhealthy foods. And this is why we’re saying you should pay attention and avoid making this diet mistake.

One simple rule, that’s all!

A healthy diet should be built around the famous 80/20 rule, meaning following a healthy eating regime 80% of the time, while the remaining 20% should be dedicated to enjoying the freedom of eating whatever you want. Those who eat three meals daily can have four “cheat” meals per week.

If you follow this rule, you will change 80% of the foods you’re consuming, without depriving yourself of “small pleasures”. After a period of restrictions, you will be tempted to taste all sorts of unhealthy foods. Therefore, it’s indicated to not give up all the ‘bad’ foods at once!