These are the foods to eat when it’s hot outside!


It’s getting hotter and hotter outside and we should really be reconsidering what we’re eating. In order to avoid starting to feel even hotter, that is!

Researchers have already made a list of foods to eat when it’s hot outside, with beneficial effects on the body when the temperatures reach some…well, let’s just call them way too high values.

Cucumber, the hero of the season

Keeping it short, a cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches can have a great effect on your body during this time of the year, while, although very tempting, ice cream or refrigerated products are not good for the body, according to the same research. Even water should be consumed at room temperature!

As you probably guessed, the cucumber is one of the best foods to eat when it’s hot outside. You can serve it as a sandwich, with mayonnaise and salt, nutritionists recommend. Also, vegetables and fruits rich in water also also the key of a good diet during such hot days, while melon can be a great alternative to any dessert.

Moving on, let’s also talk about foods rich in general, who are also great during the summer, due to their big intake of calcium and magnesium. Specifically, this is why cereal bread is indicated for warmer periods, just like beer, but consumed with moderation, at a suitable temperature.

Still, no ice cream?

Although the temptation is big, cold food, generally ice cream or iced drinks, should be avoided. The main reason is related to the reaction your body has to cold products. To be more specific, in contact with various organs, these foods can cause a shock and your body won’t be able to cool anymore.

Besides these foods to eat when it’s hot outside we’re recommending here, let’s not forget about warm beverages, which are also great for consuming in the summer. Oh, and let’s not forget about spicy foods, which are great because they make you sweat and maintain your optimal body temperature.

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