This Is The Best Juice For Losing Weight!

best juice for losing weight

During hot summer days, a healthy and tasty alternative to hot meals consists in cold press natural juices, considered by many nutritionists “the smartest food we can choose”!

Those who want to drop a few kilos, but also feel in shape, full of energy and with a good mood, can choose, as an essential aid in this process, a green vegetable juice. Or, if you want, the best juice for losing weight!

You need only a couple of ingredients!

Using just a few ingredients available at this time of the year, those who want to reduce their body weight in a healthy way can opt for this juice, made from cold pressing spinach, basil, tomatoes and cucumber.

Each of the ingredients of this juice brings real health benefits, not to mention that it’s…well, the best juice for losing weight. And it’s also very tasty!

Tomatoes, as a part of a healthy diet, help regulate body weight and reduce blood lipid levels. As for cucumbers, due to their high water content, have just a few calories, so they are recommended to people who want to lose some weight.

Basil: the final touch

As for the basil, besides the special flavor it adds, it provides alkaline minerals, counterbalancing acidic diets, while spinach is rich in minerals, vitamins and chlorophylls, being great for convalescents or for periods full of fatigue and exhaustion.

Therefore, besides being the best juice for losing weight, this cold-pressed elixir can also work as a nutritious meal, providing the body with all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and also work as a natural remedy for many diseases.