This is why we call pomegranate a wonder fruit!

pomegranate benefits

Often crowned with titles such as “Super fruit”, “Fruit of the year” or “Fruit of the month”, pomegranate serves as an ingredient for beverages, ice cream or foods from several countries. Just one fruit per day provides 40% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for adults, not to mention that it’s very rich in folic acid and vitamins A and E.

You can find it pretty much everywhere!

A pomegranate contains three times more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Naturally, it grows in areas like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Himalayas or Northern India, but it’s also cultivate in the Mediterranean areas, Asia, Malaysia, Spain or even California. This is nothing but good news, since more and more people have access to it!

Moving on to some specific beneficial effects of pomegranate consumption, we should mention its anti-aging effects and ability to fight the occurrence of diseases like Alzheimer, cancer, heart disease, arthritis or protecting the fetal brain.

Other medicinal properties worth mentioning are its ability to ‘fight’ against diarrhea or reduce fever, while the root is used to combat intestinal parasites, such as tapeworm, but only under medical supervision.

It can even turn into an awesome beverage!

Pomegranate juice has a beneficial effect on fertility, as well as in maintaining blood pressure at normal levels. Also, it fights against prostate cancer, osteoarthritis and hemorrhoids.

Two years ago, a team of American researchers presented a study on pomegranate juice, claiming that some patients with heart diseases, who were taking cholesterol-lowering drugs for three months, drank a 150 ml glass daily, while others, opted for a drink without this extract. The first group’s blood circulation improved, while those who consumed a random juice weren’t feeling better at all. On the contrary, their condition worsened!

Keeping it short, everybody should at least try consuming this wonderful fruit and the benefits will keep coming!