This one breakfast mistake can ‘help’ you gain weight

croissants for breakfast

Let’s say you start your day with some yogurt, with whole grain cereal, some fruits and a glass of orange juice. You have all the reasons to be proud of your extremely healthy breakfast. However, the extra weight doesn’t seem to disappear. Actually, you feel like you’re even fatter and constantly hungry!

According to recent studies, it seems that what we consider today as a healthy breakfast will continue adding kilos to the counter’s display. But why?

The biggest breakfast mistake: too much carbs!

The theory that marked nutrition world until some time ago was encouraging people to consume carbohydrates as early as possible, in order to avoid that situation in which they are converted in fat deposits. Still, it seems that recent studies have shown that the morning is the worst part of the day for carbs. So farewell fruits, croissants or delicious baguettes after waking up.

So what’s the basis of this whole theory? It seems that the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and ghrelin, the hunger hormone in the body reach their maximum early in the morning. Whenever the body is fed with carbs, these hormones are activated, leading to a hunger sensation.

Carbs increase the level of glucose in your blood. These is where insulin intervenes, carrying “the sweet” in cells. As big as the level of carbs you consume is, the production of insulin increases, leading to the installation of hunger, only 2-3 hours after eating.┬áBut attention!, you will crave for carbohydrates and nothing else!

How to correct this breakfast mistake

It’s pretty simple actually. Replace carbohydrates with a protein-rich meal. This is the conclusion presented by numerous studies, stating that a breakfast rich in protein will reduce the overall hunger sensation, ‘turning off’ your big appetite.

In order to lose weight, eggs, seeds, nuts, lean meat, salmon, cheese or yogurt are some great choices. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the breakfast of champions, scrambled eggs with bacon, is about to make you forget about croissants!