Top 3 Benefits of a Metabolic Workout

metabolic workout benefits

Keeping it short, a metabolic workout involves performing several composed and structural exercises, with a very small break between them, in order to maximize your body’s ability of burning calories during the and after the workout.

A metabolic workout system should really make you feel your muscles ‘burning’. It was scientifically proven that this muscle pain sensation induces a favorable body-level response, helping it to burn fat more efficiently and develop muscles. Some studies have shown that this type of workout can increase the utilization of fat as a source of fuel by up to 50%. Also, the effects of burning calories can last between 16 and 48 hours.

Considering these aspects, we’ve made a list with the top 3┬ábenefits of an adequate metabolic workout for women!

Improving the cardiovascular capacity – Even though we’re not talking about an aerobic type of workout, it seems that very intense weight exercise, following natural body movements, lead to positive results on the cardiovascular system. Not to mention that there’s no risk of injury, like when you’re running, for example.

Improving the hormone levels – It’s universally accepted and already well known that weight training can positively influence your hormonal profile. We’re talking about the profile that makes your body enter the lipolysis phase, or, to be more specific, start burning fat. The metabolic workout is one great way of obtaining this positive response from your body, so it’s worth trying.

Burning way more calories than usual – It’s obvious that by ‘usual’ we mean regular sessions. This type of workout will intensely accelerate your metabolism, thus you will burn a lot of calories during and after it. It appears that the metabolic rate would increase by 10 to 25% and stay at this level for up to 48 hours, and in some cases even 72 hours.

Anybody around here who already tried a metabolic workout program? How were the results?