Top 3 Foods With A High Sugar Intake We Consume Too Often

high sugar foods

If you just can’t live without some sugar, there’s no doubt that you need to make some serious changes. Start by eating more fruits and vegetables, then drink more water. Also, don’t forget to always check the labels and opt for foods that don’t have any added sugar. After a few weeks, you will actually be surprised at how little you are missing it.

Nutritionists explain that we can get fat after consuming regular foods daily – otherwise presented as sugar free – although we have the impression that they don’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

But how many of you ever wondered which are the foods with a high sugar intake we consume way too often?

Dried fruits

Yes, they seem to be a healthy option, but in reality they are full of sugar. Not because they are sweetened by the producers, but because they dehydration process eliminates water and eventually leads to a higher concentration of this ‘sweet enemy’. Basically, these fruits will end up having more sugar than in their natural state.

Fruit juice

It is actually very hard to find a wealthy drink without a huge amount of sugar besides water. Hey, even vitamin water is an undesirable choice from this point of views, since it has been found that some of them have a higher quantity than a bottle of Coca-Cola.


They come with big marketing promises, like losing weight or giving you serious amounts of energy, besides improving your digestion. However, no producer says anything about the biggest problem: the large amount of sweeteners muesli contains.

They may also contain corn syrup, very rich in fructose, malt syrup, honey and other sweeteners. If you want a healthy breakfast, opt for simple cereal, then prepare it yourself in healthy combinations. Oh, and stay away from eating cereal with chocolate milk!