Top 3 Good Carbs, Great for Losing Weight

quinoa good carbs

For years we have heard that we should completely eliminate carbohydrates from our diets. Partly, this is true, since they can get you fat, but not all carbs favor fat deposition. On the contrary, there are also good carbs, great for helping you lose those extra pounds!


Being a whole grain, barley can increase the levels of the hormone associated with satiety. Researchers have found that cooked beans can change the bacteria in the intestinal flora, which can significantly speed up your metabolism. They have also discovered that high-fiber cereal can alleviate hunger, so you can definitely include barley in your breakfast, in salads, soups or even pastries.


This super cereal contains nearly twice as many fiber as the others and its nutrients are released slowly into the bloodstream, keeping blood sugar levels under control and accelerating the metabolism, which makes it one of the good carbs. Also, compared with other foods, modified so it won’t contain gluten, quinoa is great for any diet!

Sweet potatoes 

These vegetables are great for those moments when you crave for some good carbs and something sweet, at the same time. A medium one contains almost 27 grams of carbs and it was demonstrated that they can raise the levels of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels and accelerates metabolism. In addition, they also contain less fat, calories and sodium, compared to…well, regular potatoes.

And this is it! These are three examples of good carbs that you can clearly add to your diet, without worrying about gaining extra weight. Do you know any other examples? Do tell us about them, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!