Top 5 Diet Myths You Should Stop Believing

diet myths

Losing weight is not easy and the fact that a lot of people are facing difficulties when trying this doesn’t come as a surprise. Therefore, everyone starts looking for simple solutions or even tricks, in order to get rid of unwanted kilos. However, there are some many contradictory tips you can find that, very often, the truth is forgotten or ignored, which makes dieting way more difficult.

Below you can find some of the most common diet myths which, as a matter of fact, are just fake news, if we’re allowed to quote a famous politician.

Myth #1: Detox helps you lose weight

Truth: Most people who opt for detox do not want to follow this strict regime for life and we can’t agree more. To be more specific, you follow the new diet for a week, lose a few kilos (even though sometimes you can gain some, from all the high-sugar liquid) and, after it’s over, the first thing you do is eat ice cream.

It’s way more beneficial to make small changes in your diet instead of eating just smoothies for a week. And don’t expect to look like a model after 22 days of dieting!

Myth #2: You need to give up specific foods in order to lose weight

Truth: A lot of people think that if they give up gluten, sugar, dairy or carbs they will lose weight. Of course, this is one of the most common diet myths. By eliminating a certain nutrient or food group, you may lose weight at first, but this is due to behavioral changes.

To be more specific, if you give up sugar, you won’t eat sweets daily anymore and opt for alternatives. Take gluten-free or dairy replacing products, for example. These have more calories and contain ingredients that you can’t even pronounce and aren’t healthy at all! If your doctor doesn’t recommend avoiding certain foods, you should avoid this strategy instead.

Myth #3: Bio products are better for you

Truth: Whenever you buy food, it’s very important to read the label. If it’s organic, it doesn’t have anything to do with the number of calories. Also, there’s no clear rule what ‘natural’ means, so this – in most cases expensive – won’t help you lose weight. It’s just one of the many diet myths…