What Is The Mono Diet And How It Can Help You

mono diet

In the following lines we will talk a bit about the latest craze that has already taken the internet by storm: the mono diet. Yes, you guessed it, you’re allowed to consider a single food!

Let’s find out more about it and if it’s actually worth trying it…

What’s the base idea behind this diet?

In fact, the idea is very simple: you stick to eating one thing, usually a healthy fruit or a vegetable, like bananas, melons, grapefruit, mango, celery or spinach. Of course, there are also some variations of the mono diet, which include food generally incompatible with the idea of losing weight in a healthy way, such as pizza, beer or even chocolate.

The principles that diet followers consider are strongly related to rebalancing the metabolism of the body. By adapting to digesting a single food, your body doesn’t take so much effort, not to mention you can get rid of bloating and maximize the nutrient update and possible allergies. In addition, digestion is facilitated and the number of calories reduced.

Moreover, the mono diet involves – at least this is what those supporting it believes – some serious psychological advantages: if you are discouraged from the beginning by a diet plan which was supposed to help you lose weight, this time you don’t have any reasons to worry! It’s easier for you to concentrate on the composition of your meals when they’re made up of a single ingredient!

What about the minuses?

As you probably expected, this mono diet also involves a couple of disadvantages. First and foremost? It won’t give you the nutrients you need! Even if you opt for vitamins-rich fruits or vegetables, you will not get your fat or protein requirements

Further, although you will lose weight, you will also lose some muscle mass, so be very careful with it! Also, a single-food diet will deprive you of certain nutrients but will also make you consume other ones excessively, which can lead to complications.