Ever Wondered Which Is The Healthiest Pasta?

penne al dente

penne al dente

Pasta is among the most popular dishes in the world. But there’s still one big question surrounding it: which is the healthiest pasta you can opt for after all?

As most people know, the recommended boiling period is 11 minutes, then you should drain them and have ‘pasta al dente’. This way of cooking them will allow the starch in them to have a slow discharging. In other words, until the body breaks it down into sugar, which will get into the blood, there are several stages of metabolism, which don’t force the endocrine pancreas.

Make them the Italian way!

Everyone eats pasta, at least from time to time, and we’ve reached a point in which we have them in all shapes and colors. From the Italians, we know that they are made of hard wheat and, again, the healthiest pasta for your digestion and silhouette, is the one prepared al dente.

By far, penne is the most popular form of pasta, surpassing the classical spaghetti, probably for practical reasons: they are short, easy to eat with the fork and dressing them with sauce is more efficient. In order to prepare them properly, don’t boil them for more than 11 minutes!

So far, nothing you, you will say. However, the food industry always comes with new products and ideas, so this is how fast-boiling past appeared. Instead of 11 minutes, it needs just 3 to be ready.

Fast-boiling pasta, a big no-no

Although this looks like an advantage, the time we save doesn’t make it the healthiest pasta around. If the starch takes 10 minutes to swell gradually, why invent a softer, refined starch, which absorbs water quickly? Our recommendation is to avoid this type of pasta at all costs!

If we continue like this, we won’t be surprised if in a few years we’ll have instant pasta, which needs just some boiled water poured over in order to be ready…