Healthy Eating Habits During Winter – 3 Quick Tips

winter healthy eating habits

During cold winter days, when we hardly managed to get warm, a bowl of warm soup or a steaming stew can be very tempting, even though these foods aren’t very healthy. Do we consume such foods over the summer? Well no, so why should we do it during winter, just because it’s colder outside?

In the current season, our body needs more nutrients to maintain a constant body temperature, so it’s advisable to stick to some healthy eating habits and consume foods prepared by boiling or baking, in order to avoid losing nutrients.

Below you can find three essential nutritional tips, for you to maintain your good health during winter.

Watch the carbohydrates!

Yes, we know that they’re not the best, but is actually one of the best and healthy eating habits during winter.

Because of the reduced number of hours with light, during winter, the stocks of serotonin (the chemical that keeps your body’s wellness) starts to decrease, thus the desire to consume foods rich in carbs increases. Pay attention to their sources though, because instead of increasing the serotonin amount you can increase body weight.

Watch the glycemic Index!

Foods that provide the necessary carbohydrates should have s small glycemic index. The latter measures the sugar volume in your blood, after a meal. A rapid increase of the amount of sugar from your blood means that the pancreas has to produce large amounts of insulin, which leads to a weakening of the immune system.

Thus, one of the best healthy eating habits consists in consuming foods with a low glycemic index, low in starch and sugar.

Increase the protein amount!

It is recommended to consume foods with a high protein content, alongside maintaining physical activity. Depending on the intensity of physical activity, your body needs between 0.75 g and 1.25 g protein per 500 g of total body weight.

Over the winter, a proper eating plan should include: 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat. Pay attention to the sources of fat though!

And this is where our list ends. Do you know any other healthy eating habits, perfect for winter time? Let us know, using the comments section below.